At ZNews Africa, we believe that changing the “African narrative” means presenting the widest perceptions of who Africans are, who we were and the lives we currently live. Most of our original content exists at the intersection of Black identity globally, first generation immigrant life and all things Africa, which includes the diaspora in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Our audience is global, with a strong presence in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Our core readers are self-identified “Afropolitans,” who have an international mindset and a deep love and reverence for their heritage and culture.

We are also a valued brand by investment, development, political and media professionals whose work includes the Black, African and Caribbean space.

We care both about who tells our stories, and how our stories are told. This means we pay attention to angles, content and presentation. We welcome and publish written, visual and audio stories in the areas of affairs, business, culture, development and entertainment–the ABCDE.

If you have something compelling to say and share, we want to hear from you!

Submitted stories can range from the classic written text accompanied by photos, to an infographic with data visualization tables. We welcome whatever is the best presentation of the information and narrative.

For written pieces: We publish articles that are either 500 words or less, or 1,000 words or more, so concise thoughts or a well-written in-depth, piece.

For photo essays: We prefer pieces in the range of five to 15 photos.

For other types: We’re flexible, as long as it’s dope.

When considering pitches, we note the expertise of the author, the originality of the angle and most importantly, the relevance of the topic to our audience. We have a preference for work made by informed people with original perspectives and accessible voices.

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