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An initiative gathers in the WhatsApp messaging application a database with information on embezzlement crimes and makes it available to the authorities Named the idea was developed by the Civil Police chief of the Federal District in partnership with technology specialist Arthur Gomes To access the platform the user must include the number 61 93257043 in the cell phone contacts

The idea came about because crimes of embezzlement by digital means grew during the Covid19 pandemic according to the creators They claim that of cell phones along with the advance and the period of quarantine formed the ideal scenario for criminals to take advantage of users inattention.

It is a collaborative database within WhatsApp where people who have suffered some type of scam can share information for consultation by authorities and future partners Bautzer explains that the tool already has 11 types of scams mapped such as credit card scams love fraud and vehicles for example According to the delegate due to the creativity of the crime the initiative is prepared to include new types of coup

Bautzer recalls that the registration on the platform does not replace the registration of the Occurrence Bulletin Citizens victims of any scam must register with the police authority as soon as possible Our proposal is based on the victims spontaneous collaboration to gather information and make it available in a database with free national access to the judiciary Public Ministry and military and civil police We also have the idea of signing agreements with banks chain stores and commerce in general so that they can consult the data said the delegate

According to Arthur Gomes the choice of the WhatsApp platform to host the initiative was due to the capillarity of the application the ease and familiarity of people in the use and security of endtoend encryption Integrals flagship is the DigiCon Channel a customer service platform via WhatsApp he explained

Contragolpe is an adaptation and its use is very simple just include the number 61 93257043 in the contacts and send a message From there the user receives a menu and navigation is intuitive to one of the 11 scams already mapped that the user will reach the link of the form to share the information For this he must identify himself with name CPF mobile number and email In these first days to guide and answer questions we will maintain human service during business hours explained Gomes

The creators of Contragolpe reinforce that its function is to gather information that can collaborate to reduce the number of scams and help the police investigation work We do not carry out any type of investigation or any legal procedure to recover lost assets or values We reinforce the need to register with the police authorities who will produce and conduct an investigation that may result in the recovery of assets pointed out delegate.

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