20 Tree Species Exist Brazil in decade extinction

The cerrado the savannah with the greatest biodiversity on the planet can become an easy target for deforesters who will be free to advance on the regions fauna with the end of monitoring by Inpe National Institute for Space Research The budget allocated to the agency to maintain the surveillance program in the region is coming to an end and the service may be interrupted next month

Since last year environmental organizations such as the ISPN Society Population and Nature Institute the Cerrados Institute and entities that make up the Cerrado Network have warned of the blackout of data that can affect the environmental area if resources are not replenished The information collected by Inpe serves to guide environmental actions against the degradation of nature and points out in which regions deforestation is advancing more sharply and subsidizes operations by agencies such as Ibama and the Federal Police

The risk that the monitoring will be terminated coincides with the advance of deforesters on a crucial region to supply watersheds and rivers that run throughout the country and irrigate areas of food production energy production and moisten the atmosphere preventing long periods of drought

In a request for access to information carried out last year by the ISPN Inpe stated that the resources used to guarantee the monitoring of the Cerrado were only sufficient until January of this year The Cerrado as well as the Amazon are monitored by the Prodes and Deter systems which use satellites with data compiled by computers with high processing power to collect and synthesize the data

Biologist and ecology professor Márcio Werneck explains that the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest harms the phenomenon known as flying rivers As a result the climate in the region becomes drier and warmer He emphasizes the importance of trees for having a humid and rainy climate and their contribution to the existence of some animalsContinue following Fala Brasil From Monday to Friday from 830 am and on Saturdays at 735 am on Record TV

Brazil is the country that has the greatest diversity of fauna and flora on the planet having almost 9 thousand species of trees almost half of them only exist on Brazilian soil However the increase in deforestation puts a large part at risk.

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