Climate in the region becomes warmer in trees

It is estimated that 20 of all tree species that exist in Brazil are threatened with extinction and are at risk of disappearing in the coming years extinction of many popular trees such as cherry mahogany Brazil nut among others can happen Cut down trees no matter how much they are replanted do not help to reduce the impact on nature because the result can take years to appear

The effects of this major problem are reflected in climate change in regions across the country It is no wonder that the state of São Paulo is experiencing its third water crisis in less than twenty years Biologist and ecology professor Márcio Werneck explains that the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest harms the phenomenon known as flying rivers

As a result the climate in the region becomes drier and warmer He emphasizes the importance of trees for having a humid and rainy climate and their contribution to the existence of some animalsContinue following Fala Brasil From Monday to Friday from 830 am and on Saturdays at 735 am on Record TV

Brazil is the country that has the greatest diversity of fauna and flora on the planet having almost 9 thousand species of trees almost half of them only exist on Brazilian soil However the increase in deforestation puts a large part at risk.

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