Authorization For Self-Tests Will Be Requested in Anvisa

The Ministry of Health reported that it must send a technical note to Anvisa National Health Surveillance Agency requesting the authorization of self tests for Covid19 in Brazil this week This Wednesday 12 Minister Marcelo Queiroga spoke about the need to ensure that positive diagnoses of the disease are reported to health authorities in order to comply with compulsory notification

The selftest as long as the pharmacy that sells supports those who buy in carrying out the test and that positive cases are reported to the Ministry of Health is an initiative that can add to the efforts of the Ministry of Health and the public authorities in a general way evaluated Queiroga

Last Friday Anvisa issued a statement stating that for the implementation of Covid selftests in Brazil it will be necessary for the federal government to create a new public policy in order to facilitate knowledge about the practice The agency says that health systems must also be prepared to welcome users who have performed selftests as well as establish mechanisms to ensure compulsory notification and allow strategic actions to control the spread of the virus.

Even without Anvisas approval the minister said he did not see a problem in Brazilians who acquired tests from outside the country to perform the exams If you brought it you can test it It has guidelines and is not complex But what we need is a policy to do this in a synchronized way and that can be useful from a public health point of view he pondered

Queiroga acknowledged the challenge of implementing the policy of mass testing amid the increases in cases due to the Ômicron variant Data from Conass National Council of Health Secretaries released on Tuesday 11 show that Brazil recorded 70765 new cases of Covid19 more than double the updates from the previous day when 34788 cases were reported

Faced with the demand Queiroga said that expanding the number of tests is one of the work fronts of the Ministry of Health The ministry expects to distribute 28 million rapid tests in January and another 13 million in February with an expected acquisition of 78 more millions of exams for the next few months

The main action without a doubt is the vaccination campaign he added making an alert especially for the North region which has the highest rate of people who have not completed the vaccination schedule

Despite the increase in Covid19 cases at the beginning of 2022 the minister said that hospitals and health units are still under pressure Consequently the number of deaths is still at an acceptable level If death can be accepted

If it is necessary to increase the supply of beds Queiroga said that the matter has already been discussed with the Ministry of Economy We work with Minister Paulo Guedes in a scenario of possible greater pressure on the hospital system where for example we have to reenable intensive care beds So if that happens which I hope it doesnt happen we will be prepared not to lack support for states and municipalities.

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