AHRESP Wants Companies to be free from the Burden of Exceptional Support

The Portugal (AHRESP) defended this Thursday that exceptional support for the family, within the scope of covid-19, be dealt with between workers and Social Security, leaving companies free of financial burdens and administrative.

“Within the scope of this support, employers maintain the obligation to pay part of the remuneration and 50% of the contributions related to absent workers, in addition to being an additional burden for the administrative resources of companies”, defended the association, in your daily newsletter.

AHRESP pointed out that, after the period of closure of academic and non-academic activities, “thousands of companies” are currently submitting applications for exceptional family support, on behalf of their workers.

Additionally, the association recalled that it is the employer that is responsible for paying the total amount of remuneration to employees, subsequently receiving the amount corresponding to the support from Social Security.

For AHRESP, in the case of “a situation of temporary absence from the workplace due to justified absence that confers the right to support within the scope of the mandatory social protection regime by which workers are covered”, the process must be “handled directly between the worker and Social Security, and there should be no burden for the company, either financial or in terms of increasing the administrative burden”.

On Tuesday, AHRESP proposed a set of 20 measures to relaunch the sector, including changes to VAT, reduction of IRC and IRS, extinction of the PEC, support for capitalization and extension of IVAucher.

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