Suspicions and Arrangements in Novo Banco Businesses

The European Central Bank will investigate the relationship between António Ramalho president of Novo Banco and Luís Filipe Vieiras former president of Benfica and one of the biggest debtors to the former BES José Gomes Ferreira information director at SIC analyzes the developments in the case and underlines that there are suspicions of concertation between the creditor bank and the debtors.

José Gomes Ferreira highlights the incompatibility of Mário Centeno as Governor of Banco de Portugal since he will be the one who will submit the assessment having also been the Minister of Finance who at the time promoted the business of selling Novo Banco to Lone Star

Over the years we have been suspecting that there are indications of various concertations between the creditor and the various debtors The issue is not just about assets that will have been bought by front men linked to Luís Filipe Vieira president of Benfica There are indications that they were sold to real estate lots and other credits to people who are indirectly linked to the owners of Lone Star highlights the journalist.

He also recalls that contracts were signed between the creditor bank and the debtors in boxes at the Benfica stadium and leaves a question If there was this type of relationship with people from Benfica what would have happened to people who are in the universe of Benfica shareholders of the Novo Banco buyer I do not know but that doubt exists exists

One thing I am sure I can say as a journalist and citizen a president of an institution like Novo Banco which is being helped by taxpayers could not protect and promote more the interests of a single shareholder which is Lone Star but to equitably defend the interests of all shareholders And this does not seem to have been done to the State with 25 of the capital he adds.

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