Green almost three weeks in an unresolved process

“It’s been almost three weeks in an unresolved process, at a very critical moment, which is the arrival of a new variant”, criticizes Kraenkel. Outdated records also make it difficult to monitor the dimension that the new coronavirus and influenza have in the healthcare system.

In the city of São Paulo, the Covid-19 city hall panel shows that influenza has gained unprecedented prominence in the last month, as responsible for most hospitalizations for SARS. During this period, 936 hospitalized patients tested positive for influenza and 326 with Covid-19.

The national or state monitoring, however, still depends on the testing of cases, considered insufficient by researchers in the field. “We do not know if it is influenza or Covid, because that depends on the tests and they are not being done, and if they are done, they are not reported”, says the researcher at the Federal University of Viçosa Wesley Cota.

Cota, which is one of those responsible for the portal Coronavirus Brasil — one of the largest volunteer sites on monitoring cases, deaths and vaccination against Covid — classifies the current surveillance moment as the worst since the beginning of the pandemic.

“The source of the Ministry of Health no longer exists, mainly by municipalities (…) There’s a hacker attack and we don’t know what’s happening and why it hasn’t been back on the air so far,” he concludes.

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